Live demoing your SaaS to a potential customer is a tough piece of cake. Anyone can get simply bored with a slow presentation. How to make a dynamic demo when your web app is form-based then?

CMS, CRM, classified ads website, job board, note-taking app or a task manager? They have something in common. Their core features are built on forms.

As an owner, you probably struggle with demonstrating them to a potential client. Presenting all the features gets pretty boring. Not only for you, but - more importantly - for your lead. Clicking through the pages and filling the fields takes time.
None of your potential clients has the time.

There are plenty of useful articles focusing on demo improvement. We picked a few to give you some suggestions.

Yet, none of them focuses on time. Speeding up your demo can save the precious time of your customer and yours. Your demo would be more dynamic and interesting as well.

PROBLEM: the boredom factor

We get distracted very easily, especially when eyes are glued to the screen… and so do our potential clients! The average human attention span has recently dropped down to 8 seconds.

The perfect live demo should be dynamic. Make sure no one on the other side of the screen falls asleep or runs away out of the webinar (not sure which is worse).

Sometimes things can get pretty slow...

Moving to the next page of your app involves filling all the blank fields in this form. Your customer doesn’t care about the data input. They want to know what's going to happen after you fill the form.

To give you some numbers, filling out an average long web form may take up to 60 seconds. You would probably need to show 4 or 5 such pages just to present some of the features.

So it is at least 4 minutes of pure form filling. Meanwhile your client… well, we have no idea what one can do during this amount of this time. Let’s stick to falling asleep.

SOLUTION: pre-prepared form-fillings

We have the solution. With Filly you can prepare data input for each and every page you want to show.  Then, when demoing, restore it with just one click.

Filly allows you to fill the entire web page form in less than a second. Now, depending on your app, amount of forms, their size and number of pages -  it will shorten your demo by… well, you do the math.

After some research and going through several SaaS demos we came up with one main observation: there is room for improvement, and a need to speed up!

Don’t take the patience of your potential clients for granted. Bear in mind they want to see your products, its features and get the most out of the demonstration.

Performing the repetitive task of form filling over and over again will make your customer distracted! Cut down the boredom factor as it makes your webinar slow and boring.