It's a simple Chrome extension (we’re working to make it available for other browsers as well - stay tuned). An instruction step by step:

1. Visit Filly’s Chrome Web Store page and install the extension (

2. After installing Filly Tour webpage will open in your Chrome.

3. Then, you will have two options:

  • to create an account (register) with Filly to access all features or
  • use it without registering (fewer features available).

4. Go to any webpage with a form to fill (for example

5. Fill in the form with any data.

6. Press ALT+ SHIFT+ 2 to save the data.

7. Refresh the page.

8 Just press ALT+ SHIFT+ 1 to restore the saved form.

9. If you like it and think may you find it useful - go back to Signup Page to register and access all current features like forms management, form sharing, domain mapping, and more..